Diabetes Diagnosis for Susan

We are thankful for God’s intervention in Susan’s life.  He placed within her heart and mind the urgent need to get to an optometrist on Saturday.  The optometrist examined her and found that she was bleeding behind the retinas in her eyes.  At his insistence Susan went to a retinologist on Monday who found that her eyes were showing classic damage done by retinopathy, a condition caused by diabetes.  We were all stunned because Susan insists that she has had no diabetic symptoms.

Our family knows about diabetes.  Most of us been diagnosed with it.  We were not stunned that Susan had diabetes, but rather that she had no symptoms.

She will have laser surgery done next week on her right eye to stop the bleeding and then shortly after that her left eye will have the same procedure.

My thoughts about this diagnosis and lack of symptoms for Susan come in the form of a lesson for all of us.  You see, I believe the symptoms were there and had been there for a long time.   For the last several years, Susan has been totally focused on caring for Daddy and Mother, and other personal things in her life.  Because of her ‘tunnel vision’, she either was completely unaware of the symptoms or pushed them aside because they seemed unimportant  compared to the other concerns with which she was dealing.

The lesson? It is those quiet nagging things in our lives which are so easy to ignore that will one day become an all consuming crisis for ourselves and those who love us.  We need to pay attention to what is going on with our bodies and deal with our own health issues in a timely manner, even while life seems to be swirling around us in a chaotic fashion.  Easier said than done.

The story begins again tomorrow.


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