When the Battle Rages

During Mary Kay Seminar last week I had an unexpected blessing.  It is not often when you have the opportunity to speak with a National Sales Director alone.  God arranged a special moment for me with NSD Cathy Bill. As we talked about my Mary Kay business, I found that she could totally related to what I shared with her.  She said something that I will remember from that moment on.  She said, ” Success is standing in the battle when the battle won’t quit.”

She knows about battle.  This past year she has had 3 brain surgeries and one back surgery.  I don’t know the details of her health problems, but ‘standing in the battle’ is what she has been doing recently. She knows about battle.

We all face struggles, pain, disappointments, challenges.  Life has it’s very difficult moments.  You may be experiencing them now.  Just remember, success over our challenges, may not be that they went away.  Sometimes they don’t go away.  Sometimes the phrase I have used so many times: “This too shall pass”, doesn’t apply, because it won’t pass.  It will be with you from this point on.

In those moments, with those struggles, your success comes from standing and being strong when that battle will not quit. Only God can  be the source of that kind of strength. Only God can give you what you need to face that battle, whatever it is, breast cancer, multiple sclorosis, diabetes, whatever, with your head held high, with no whining, with no self pity, with no guilt trips for yourself or anyone else.  Only God ……….

I listened to portions of Micheal Irvin’s speech last weekend when he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. It was a very powerful speech and it will be long remembered by those present at that ceremony.  He closed his speech with something I had hear before.  It is very applicable here.  He said, “Look up.  Get up.  And don’t give up.”  That, my friends, is success.


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