Another Sister Update–Retinopathy

My sister, Susan, went to the retinologist today. He ran many tests on her eyes and said that her eyes showed classic damage done by retinopathy, which is caused by diabetes. He feels sure that she is diabetic and has been for some time. Susan has never been diagnosed with diabetes and has had no symptoms of diabetes. Anyway, she is going to have blood work done tomorrow to confirm the diagnosis and then the doctor wants to do laser surgery on her eyes, to stop the bleeding behind her retinas I assume.

It is now that I understand why some other pieces of the puzzle haven’t fallen into place. Even though her tests show that she has no nerve damage, I think that once she has been diagnosed as diabetic, then they may find that some of her other neuro-muscular problems could be cause by neuropathy. God is at work here.

Thank you for your concern and your prayers.


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