Mary Kay Seminar

In a previous post I mentioned that I am a Mary Kay Director. This week I am in Dallas for our annual Mary Kay Seminar. I am in my “pink bubble” enjoying the fun, the training, the excitement and the friendships with other directors.

Mary Kay has been part of my life for over 11 years now. There have been many benefits to being part of this company, many of which have nothing to do with cosmetics. Personal growth is something most of us experience when we begin working to enrich the lives of women we know through the vehicle of Mary Kay.

In a few days I will be home and will begin again writing this blog, sharing with you my mother’s final days this side of heaven. I have much more to share with you which I will do day by day, and post by post.


One thought on “Mary Kay Seminar

  1. Deborah,
    I’m so glad you are able to get away and take a break. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Laugh lots for me also.
    Love you and appreciate all you do.

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