Dubbie – Update

 I just received this email from Joyce, Dubbie’s daughter.  Please continue to pray for him and the family.

Last night Dubbie was quiet.  He didn’t open his eyes much, but squeezed my hand a couple of times.  He has periods of restlessness, observed mostly by nurses and Nannie.  When I’m there, he is usually quiet—same for Dad.  But, anyway, the status at this time is that his vitals are all good, except for a slight fever, he is receiving the remainder of the antibiotic by mouth, crushed in diabetic jelly, and is only on oxygen.  The IV has been removed because he is swallowing liquids, although infrequently.  They are watching closely for catheter irritations, for bed sores or pressure irritations, and other signs of needing to be changed or moved frequently.  His hands are still strong and he follows instructions sometimes when nurses ask him to open his mouth, or try to turn over by grabbing the railing.  He can at least help accomplish those things. 


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