Kenny, update

I emailed Kenny’s sister-in-law, checking on updates for Kenny. This is her reply. Please continue to keep Kenny and his family in your prayers. God’s hand is present here, guiding, comforting,giving strength and wisdom.

Kenny got to San Antonio on Monday and they could not start his treatment. When he went for the prescreening procedures the week before they forgot to do some of the bloodwork that was needed. They did the bloodwork that day, but since it takes 72 hours to get the results back they couldn’t start the treatment. He is going back on Sunday and will begin treatments on Monday. While they were there they got to meet a woman from Oklahoma who was in her 15th day of treatment who is also in this program. She had had breast cancer and then had a sarcoma come up on her hip then it metazised in her lungs. The tumors in her lungs were the size of potatoes. They got to talk about the treatments with her and were glad they could talk with someone else who is in the program. They know there was a reason they couldn’t start there treatment last week and are still very upbeat about the possibilities of this new treatment. They do appreciate all the prayers from everyone. Kenny is considering starting his on blog and when and IF he does I will email you the blog page. Thank you and everyone for keeping them covered in prayer.


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