Winning By Losing

Announcing…….my new blog: . Yep. I have really gotten into this hobby of blogging.

My new blog is very different from this one. As you may remember in one of my posts, I said that during this time of crisis that food was my comfort, and my momentary escape.  It was my drug of choice.

Well, food has on many occasions been both my friend and my enemy.  I have struggled to control my abuse of food all my life, but most of the time it has controlled me. With inspiration from my daughter and acceptance of the fact that being ‘thick or thin’ is now for me a life or death option, I have begun once again to walk down the path of weight loss.

This blog is going to chronicle my journey, and hopefully proved wisdom and inspiration to many other strugglers.  Please log on to this site and check it out.  If you think it will be beneficial to you, please register and then share the site address to others who might enjoy reading it.  You can also make comments, sharing challenges and victories you have experienced in the area of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.


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