Another Dubby Update

He stayed 3 days in the hospital and the tests showed that he had at least one stroke, probably more. After a few days of resting, he started to perk up and now is working hard at therapy. He is walking a bit with assistance, sitting up much more, feeding himself at most meals, trying so hard to talk or communicate in other ways. His speech center was damaged, and his field of perception to the left and also slightly upward. For example, he reads, but cannot always find the appropriate words if just conversing. When reading, if the material is presented too high, he will begin reading on the third line, skipping the first and second. However, his attitude is classic Dubby. He was in therapy on Tuesday and Mother walked in as the speech therapist presented a sentence to him “My wife’s name is _________. ‘ He couldn’t’ form the word, therapist asked Mother her name, and she said it. Therapist filled in the blank as “My wife’s name is Evelyn”. He read, My wife’s name is Evlyn and you have misspelled it. He just continues to try to speak and if it doesn’t come out well, he will grin and say “I forgot”.

He has a doctor’s appointment on Monday and we’ll go from there. He is off the Namenda and on a new form of insulin twice a day that holds his blood sugar steady even when he eats. We are praying for no more falling, no pneumonia, and no other infection. And when the time comes that he will fly to Jesus.


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