Dubbie – Update

This was emailed to me today by Dubby’s daughter. David is her pastor. She is commenting his sermon today and how is reflects on the new life that her father will soon have. It is clear that his love of music is going to smoother his transition into that new life.

David’s sermon today was timely. He read from Ex. 15 where the Israelites were stopped at the bitter water. The water was a cleansing, a laxative, to purge what was left of Egypt from them before they could enter into new promises. The new promise was accomplished by a tree being thrown into the water to sweeten it—the cross of salvation thrown on the bitterness of our past. We enter into the new promise—none of the diseases of Egypt —by way of the Living Water. Dubby is crossing into new territory: He has long been a warrior, provider, and leader as well as servant for his family, his church, and for many, many others in the community. He doesn’t know exactly where he is right now. He has rarely been served, rarely had to rely on anyone to fight a battle for him having always been the protector, and perhaps has not bee a follower since he was in the Army, except in playing music. I feel strongly that music is the bridge between the earth and the Kingdom of God for him. He understands that. It is the river of peace and the vehicle of praise and worship. He can learn his place of sonship and his place as a bride through music. He can also learn to lay down the weapons of warfare and accept the Good Shepherd’s rod and staff through music. Please pray that we will make the correct choices for him as he listens.


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