Dubbie is a kind, gentle man. I don’t know his age. His daughter is married to my husband’s cousin. Earlier this month he developed a severe case of shingles. Three days later he started falling. His blood sugar was out of control with major swings from high to low. One of the falls resulted in a small pelvic fracture. After several days in the hospital he has now been transferred to a nursing home. He is not eating well and is not getting up out of bed. He seems to be getting weaker as the days go by.
The Dubbie and his wife, Nannie, have one daughter. She and her husband have been the ones to bear the caretaking burden.

Please pray for Dubbie, that he will be pain free, and gain strength to be able to live independently with his wife again. Pray for his daughter and her husband as they fight fatigue, trying to be with Dubbie as much as possible. Pray for wisdom and strength for them.

Here is a quote from his daughter’s email to me: “I’m calling those things that are not as though they are. Abundant and victorious life for Dubbie and Nannie, pain free days and nights, skills to care for themselves….”



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