Time to Expand

This blog, to this point, has been about my parents, myself, my sisters, and our families.  I have much more to write and to share.  I still have to tell you about our imaginary sister,  our Hospice experiences, and Mother and Daddy’s few days at the nursing home.  I will get to those things as well as many more lessons we learned.

However, it is now time to expand.  The reason we felt God’s presence so often during my parent’s illness was because people were praying for us, daily, hourly.  I want to bring prayer into this blog.

If there is someone in your life, a family member, a friend, perhaps even you, that is in the midst of a crisis, please feel free to contact me.  I will add that person to my blog in the form of a prayer request.  I plan on having a category for each person and will update the info as I receive updates from you.  You can give me as much or as little info as you feel comfortable.  You don’t even have to use the person’s real name.  God knows and we don’t have to.

Because blogging is so new to me and my feet are firmly planted in the 20th century, I still have things to learn.  I am going to try to add my email address to the heading of this blog.

In case I can’t figure it out……here it is: deborahfoster2000@yahoo.com


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