Ok. Here we go!

Greetings!!! This blog has been forming in my mind for several weeks.  Though my writing style is by no means professional, I feel that I have a lot to share on the subject of cancer, or any terminal illness, and how it affects families.  As a family we experienced a horrendous time in life when both our parents had stage 4 cancer at the same time.  They are both gone now.  Their battles are over and their victories are won.

My experiences and thoughts will be shared in story form on this blog with extra articles about topics such as relationships with nurses, dealing with emotions, and using humor to just help you make it through the day.  Admittedly this blog will be therapeutic for me as I once again relive the events.  It is my hope and prayer that you, the reader, will also benefit from this blog.  Every family goes through difficult, very difficult events.  What I have to say in this blog is by no means unique to me and my family.

The story begins tomorrow…..as I write about my 50th birthday.


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